The purity of essential oils is vital to not only their effectiveness, but their safety as well. Essential oils are rich in molecules that help carry oxygen, nutrients, and other substances through the cell membranes. Combine essential oils with impure or toxic substances, and they will take those poisons right into every cell of your body.Not only that, but unsuspecting consumers may apply oils only to find that the supposedly pure essential oil irritates because it contains added chemicals and components that are irritating to the skin.Instead of experiencing the benefits of wholesome essential oils from Young Living, consumers may instead be poisoning themselves unknowingly, or decide that essential oils don’t work because they tried using inferior essential oils.

Red Flags that Your Essential Oils May be Tainted

  • Bargain prices – $9.00 for 1/2 oz. of “pure, organic” lavender oil, $25.00 for “pure” frankincense.
  • Consider making sure that your oils are pure and undiluted.
Safety Notice

Never purchase essential oils from online websites like Amazon or Ebay – These oils could be adulterated and could be dangerous to your health.